So, I started this trip expecting to volunteer at nine dates of the Vans Warped Tour, some days with Feed Our Children NOW and some days with the Canvas Foundation.

I now find myself taking a break in New York for the weekend, but we added on two dates in Ohio last week & we’re jumping back on the road on Tuesday for six more dates! That’s sixteen total. I’ve fallen in love with Canvas and I never want this summer to end!

So this is my newest tattoo. I’ve had it for a few days. It’s lyrics from Maybe Tonight, by the Summer Set, written out for me by Brian Dales. This song reminds me that my life is in my own hands and that I have the power to do whatever I want to do. It reminds me of this entire trip because we’re really trying to put ourselves out there and it’s been amazing doing the work I’ve been doing and meeting new awesome people every day. I wouldn’t change a thing about this summer.

Especially since we’ve added a bunch of dates to our trip and now I’m working a total of sixteen days of Warped instead of the original nine…

Having such a blast volunteering with the Canvas Foundation for so many dates of Warped Tour this summer! On the left is our makeshift dance party… We tied the megaphone to the roof of the tent and blasted Aaron Carter and the Backstreet Boys.

Totally loving everything about Canvas - the amazing cause, the people I work with, all the people I meet, and just watching everyone have so much fun painting themselves and the canvases. I could do this forever and be perfectly happy.

Today was lovely. Hartford, you were good to me! On the left is me meeting ModSun… he was super chill. Everyone needs someone like him in their life. Also, I asked Brian to write out song lyrics for my next tattoo, which is what’s going on in the picture on the right. It’s gonna be awesome… Can’t wait for tomorrow! Spending tomorrow getting tatted and making the long drive to Burgettstown PA!

Two favorite outfits from this week. The “pop punk, long drive, iced coffee, summertime” shirt from Gypsy Warrior perfectly describes our summer.

Featuring my first picture that includes all members of the Summer Set!

The last few days have been crazy! In Boston, my hometown show, I was able to see The Summer Set from the front row. Excuse the security guy that photobombed all of my pictures, he was super nice and caught Stephen’s guitar pick for me!

Warped in Scranton PA was fun today! In the top two pictures is John O’Callaghan from The Maine, and in the middle two pictures is John Gomez from The Summer Set. On the bottom is the awesome handmade necklace I got from John Gomez! *Ignore the fact that I look wicked awkward in all of these pictures*

I also volunteered with Feed Our Children NOW, an organization that collects cans of food, old cell phones, and cash donations in exchange for a wristband that allows you to skip the line to enter the venue. It’s another amazing cause and the guys from the food pantry that came to pick up all the cans were very excited that we collected as much as we did!

Off to my home state for Boston Warped tomorrow, where I’ll be helping out the Canvas Foundation yet again, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Little note about going backstage for a show:

Of course nothing can measure up to watching your favorite band from the front row and dancing in the crowd. But being able to see what the band sees - all the happy faces and people singing along to every word - is a really awesome experience. Try to see a band from backstage at least once in your life.

Left photo: The Maine. Right photo: The Summer Set.

Stopped in to say hey to Steven, the drummer for Go Radio and founder of Smooth Sailing Co!

Smooth Sailing has a lot of awesome merchandise, all of which is available on their website.

I had to stand at the tent for a long time trying not to buy one of everything.

Warped in upstate New York today was yet another successful day with the Canvas Foundation. Good vibes and an amazing cause. It doesn’t even feel like I’m working cuz it’s so much fun and I meet so many great people.

The Canvas Foundation collects donations for schools that can no longer afford art supplies due to budget cuts. Painting each other and all the canvases is wicked fun, and the merch is all beautiful. Make sure to check them out!

Seven dates left, & three of them are with Canvas. Let’s go!

Day one of my Warped roadtrip was yesterday! Holmdel, NJ. I worked with the Canvas Foundation - they collect donations for schools that can’t afford art supplies. Ever been to the body paint tent? That’s Canvas. Everyone was a blast to work with and it’s for such a good cause. Plus I got to go backstage for my favorite band The Summer Set, as well as Bayside and the Maine. Spending the day driving upstate for Warped in Darien Center NY tomorrow!


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